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The State of the Washington Wizards Address

Posted on: June 3, 2010 7:02 pm
The truth is, the Wizards winning the lottery was definitely lucky, but also the catalyst for what I predict will be a quick if not instant turn-around, which if it is possible anywhere, it is in the weak Eastern Conference.    JOHN WALL is expected by just about every expert and scout to revolutionize the PG position. Why? Great question. He is 6'4 and can jump out of the gym (39inch vertical, 2nd highest of ANYONE coming out and is just absurd when you compare it to other humans.) This is really significant alone because he will physically dominate the position much like LeBron James revolutionizes the Forward position. Just like James he can run faster than everyone, jump higher, reach farther--much farther. He will become a defensive stopper for the most important position to defend. Commenting on his overall game is a waste, because noone would argue that he isn't an incredible dribbler, penetrator, passer, teammate. He simply will do it all.    Sidenote-- suggesting they might get Turner is a waste. When the Clippersannounced early they were getting Blake Griffin they were chastized by the league and set precedence so that every team in the future will at least LOOK at two players, but everyone knows what the selection will be because Wall really is that good.
YOU ARE COMPLETELY RIGHT about everything you say about Gilbert. The move to SG, though more natural, will cause problems simply because he is not the main attraction on the team anymore. I personally compare him to a slightly more glorified Terrell Owens of the NBA. He hasn't produced in a while but still has the ego like he has been. I'd prefer to move him and his contract which makes me sick to my stomach ever since the day we gave it to him, a couple rumors I have heard are the Heat who are badly looking for scoring and a running mate for DWADE, and possible a trade with the Raptors for Hedo Turkoglu who also needs a fresh start after a disaster in Toronto. I simply hope anything goes through no matter what we get in return because I am afraid the situation could fester to where he becomes a team cancer, like T.O.
However, even if we do keep him, we still have 19 million under the salary cap to add a key player in this stacked upcoming free agency period starting July 1st.  Amare? Bosh? Dirk? Ever heard of them? Well I know they have heard of John Wall, and might know a thing or two about the Nation's Capital that might draw interest in our formerly lowly Wizards. No one knows what King James is thinking but if he was trying to go for a fresh start somewhere Washington could definitely be a place where he takes over and reaches new heights. But he is not the key to our success. Simply adding one more big ticket name will solidify us to contention for the Eastern Title. Who won the East this year? Oh yeah, the Celtics play the Lakers tonite in game 1.  
Who does John Wall compare most favorably to? Rajon Rondo. Without whom, the Celtics would be nowhere. I simply expect Wall to elevate our status much like the Celtics did with Rondo and the Acquisition of one big ticket name,Kevin Garnett.
The pieces we already have I think you are undervaluing just because they are not superstars themselves who can carry a team, but with Wall, Another name to come, they fit perfectly into the roles that a winning team requires.  Blatche put up gaudy numbers when given the minutes, McGee is a tough player, and we have role players and the 30th pick and 37th pick in addition to fill even more holes with top young prospects.
The sky is the limit starting the day after the draft.
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